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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Los Angeles, CA. However, ALL sessions are via Private Zoom Link.

Do you work with clients worldwide?

Yes! If you are outside the US and can't find a time that works for you in my calendar, Email me directly:

Do you take insurance? 

Unfortunately, no. Only licensed therapists take insurance. (Licensing is not available for EFT) 

How many sessions will I need to accomplish ____ (your goal)?

Read through the PRAISE section and you'll see even a single session can deliver results as long as your goal is specific enough. However, for big goals or goals in several areas, achievement happens over time. I recommend planning for 6 bi-weekly or weekly sessions. If you are trying to book that dream job, lose weight, communicate better with your partner, etc, doesn't it make sense that it would take a bit of time? We have to peel back the layers, clear the triggers, and help you find and keep your motivation and mojo! Often clients say to me, I know WHAT to do, I just can't do it. That's what I am here for- to help you clear out the old habits, limiting beliefs, and subconscious muck that blocks you. I am also here to cheerlead you along the way! 

How many sessions will I need to heal my anxiety? 

Chronic conditions are multilayered. I recommend planning to book at least 6 weekly sessions. Once the 6 weekly sessions are completed, you can start to space out sessions. That said, a single session can provide comforting clarity, offer a safe space to vent, and clients usually end the first session relieved to shift those first layers of stored subconscious energy, many have "aha" moments as they become aware of triggers and historical patterns that seemed a mystery before.

Do you work with Trauma and PTSD? 

Yes, I am a trauma informed practitioner with a deep respect for what my clients have been through. You won't find me "spiritually bypassing" your struggles. EFT tapping has been clinically proven to help relieve PTSD in US veterans. I believe in offering a structured AND client centered session. I lean on my EFT training, but will adjust my language and pacing to fit the unique needs of my client. I honor my clients preferences and use gentle techniques whenever necessary. In this way, it is my intention to create a safe space for healing. 

Can I continue to see my therapist while working with you?

Yes, of course.  EFT is actually a product of CBT (Cognitive Behavorial Therapy) and other psychology models, so there should be some nice simpatico.  Clients who work with me and see their licensed therapist at the same time, often say that tapping with me is "supercharging" their therapy sessions. They report that things were at a plateau with therapy and now they are making strides or connections they hadn't made before. 

I have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, can I work with you?

I do not specialize in addiction recovery. If you are newly sober, please seek a licensed therapist or medical doctor who specializes in addiction treatment. I will work with clients who have been in active or passive recovery for sometime (at least one year), provided they continue to utilize their support systems (AA, Al-anon, church outreach communities, medical/mental health professionals).


What is EFT®

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) aka "Tapping" is an evidence-based method that combines acupressure and tools drawn from cognitive and exposure therapies. Clients tap gently through a series of acupressure points on their body, while using a specific verbal script in a "call & response style" method. This approach effectively re-wires the physiological response to outdated beliefs, unwanted self talk, uncomfortable feelings, and relevant memories. EFT is proven to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, regulate breathing patterns, and slow brain waves. 

What is the Clinical EFT Model?

The clinical EFT model is a systemic approach to EFT based on clinically proven results. I trained with Dawson Church in this method.


What Published Studies or trials prove the benefits of EFT?

The largest clinical trials on the efficacy of EFT were based on treating PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in US Veterans. They showed remarkable improvement, when compared to a baseline of medical intervention/talk therapy alone.

Published Studies:

How does EFT work with the subconscious?

Blocks, obstacles, and symptoms that prevent you from living your optimal life usually started somewhere in your history. It became part of your subconscious and no matter how long ago it was, it partially "steers the ship" of your life until you really look at it. In Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) terms, these blocks or obstacles or outdated beliefs are called "root causes". EFT helps you identify and up-root these root causes.  

Why hire an EFT practitioner when you can tap on your own?

While EFT (aka "Tapping") may be done on your own, we all have major blind spots. This is equally true for both beginners and experts. Private sessions are highly efficient because you zero-in on root causes more quickly, some of the more advanced techniques are difficult to do on your own, being mirrored is a powerful practice, plus we all benefit from accountability. That said, EFT on your own or with youtube videos is a great strategy for stress management and emotional regulation. 


What is your Disclaimer? 

  • Please consult with your physician before trying this or any other self-help technique.​

  • It is your personal responsibility to seek LICENSED medical attention for ALL medical, physical or mental health conditions and addiction treatment. 

  • What you decide to do with any information gleaned from a session, including any actions you take, are your own personal responsibility and choice.  Do not regard any issues discussed or questions answered as psychological, medical, financial, legal or business fact. 

  • Session attendance is NOT a guarantee of any specific result. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

24-hour notice is required for all cancellations or you are responsible for the session fee.

When do Sessions Expire?

All purchases expire within 6 months (24-week window) from original purchase date.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing and scheduling sessions. In the event of medical necessity, your session's expiry will gladly be extended according to your physician's recommendation.

What is your Refund Policy?

NO REFUND for purchases are offered, including if you attend a session or sessions and are dissatisfied with practitioner, presentation, or content. This is a time/service based purchase (as opposed to product based). Please refer to the disclaimer above as session attendance is not a guarantee of any general or specific result. 


What Certifications & Trainings do you have?


  • EFT Professional Practitioner: EFT Universe      (Clinical EFT Model)

  • SRT Advanced: Spiritual Response Therapy

  • RYC - Pelvic Floor & Core Training

  • Advanced YOGA: Forrest Yoga

  • YOGA teacher: Kripalu lineage (200 hr. Yoga Alliance)


  • Level 3 - EFT Advanced w/EFT International Trainer

  • Xray Vision for Coaches w/ Margaret Lynch

  • Energy Psychology 

  • Rape Crisis Hotline Counselor Training

  • TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises)w/Jessica Schaffer

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Coaches 

  • Faster EFT: Levels I, II, & III w/ Robert Smith

  • ACUPRESSURE: NY Open Center

  • Intuition with Medium Fleur

  • Relationship with Guides, Marilyn Alauria


  • REIKI: Reiki Art’s Continuum

  • Lamaze & Childbirth Classes


  • Bachelor of Arts - New School University

  • Great Books Program - St. John's College

abbie rose is a

transformation catalyst

EFT® life coach 

Belief Re-Code facilitator

anxiety expert

intuitive guide

dream believer

yoga teacher 

nervous system educator

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