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Hey there!
Clients describe working with me as "dramatically different!"

Each 75min session is highly personalized, using Clinical EFT® and any of my trained-in modalities. My goal as a practitioner is to facilitate authentic shifts and life changes for my clients.

Sessions offer relief from a range of emotional concerns, including- anxiety, panic, overwhelm, depression and grief. 

What would it be like to quiet your inner critic, release self-judgement or shame and calm your fears? Wouldn't it be amazing to set manageable boundaries with a toxic person? Or recover your nervous system from a traumatic past? 


You don't have to settle, suffer or stay stuck. 

My clients have changed careers, booked dream jobs, increased self-confidence, made more money, healed chronic pain, eliminated food cravings, happily met and married their partner, made important decisions during pregnancy, shifted the way their nervous system handles stress and more...

Whether it's one pivotal session or a 6-session bundle, together we create the space so you can transform!

What do YOU want to work on?

Traditional therapy was no longer working for me. So I began my journey with Abbie and EFT. I found that she was able to reach places talk therapy couldn't, and therefore, didn't even address

Pam, Marketing Director

 I think of EFT® with Abbie like a LASER TREATMENT for the mind. It's efficiency and speed is like nothing I have experienced before. 

Deb, Composer

 I went to the MEETING WITH TOP LEVEL EXECUTIVES and I was calm and grounded. I can't believe how grounded I was...I've never had that much shift from a single session. 

Jennifer, Art Director

Number 1_edited.jpg

What does the GRAND CANYON have to do with coaching? well...The Grand Canyon is the perfect metaphor for the SUBCONSCIOUS.

The subconscious is always there. It's the accumulation of all your hidden thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and memories. You can try to ignore it, you can even drive right by and miss it. But at ONE mile deep and 18 Miles WIDE you eventually stand in awe of its power. 

I'm here as a COACH to help you harness this undercurrent of power, which is vital bc it's running the show from backstage whether you know it or not!


Working with me is TRANSFORMATIVE specifically bc we do not ignore the subconscious. We stop and look at it. We clear debris. We GAIN PERSPECTIVE. We re-train your nervous system to handle experiences you are wanting to attract. So you no longer push your goals away, but instead DRAW THEM TOWARDS YOU!

Modalities Used: 

EFT® (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Release anxiety and clear uncomfortable emotions

  • Shift negative thoughts and doubts

  • De-clutter mentally and emotionally for easier decision making

  • Re-wire the physiological response to outdated beliefs and relevant memories

  • Eye Movement Techniques to help the Brain Integrate with information

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

Energy Psychology

  • Inner Child Work 

  • Shadow and Parts Work using Gestalt Therapy

  • Explore Relationship Dynamics and Patterns

  • Strengthen Necessary Boundaries

  • Learn to Observe, rather than Absorb Conflict

  • Release Empathic Anxiety 

Belief Re-Coding

  • Write Goals that actually work for you

  • Claim your Beliefs using Whole Brain State & Bi-Neural Beats Technology

Nervous System, Breathwork & Somatic Techniques 

  • Breathwork to shift you into more Present Moment Awareness

  • Gentle Techniques to increase Heart Coherence

  • Release jaw or facial tension that can keep breath from moving freely

  • Guidance on how to self-regulate the nervous system in daily life

About Abbie

Abbie and Nieces.jpg

Originally from Texas, Abbie spent many years working in NYC + LA as a Private Yoga Teacher. Working one-to-one with clients put her in a unique position to observe human anatomy and to help clients unwind physical holding patterns of stress. Now, as an EFT®, Belief Re-Coding & Energy Psychology Practitioner, she's able to help clients unwind energetic, mental and emotional holding patterns, as well.


 She loves to NERD out about the latest biohacking, neuroscience and health-related technology. If there's an alternative technique, she's likely tried it. This all comes in handy for her clients, because it means she's well-versed in a wide range of topics, from chronic health issues and physical concerns to self-care hacks, supplements, and personality systems like enneagram and human design... But don't worry, she maintains a healthy dose of skepticism, and a down-to-earth attitude. 

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